Friday, March 4, 2011

Survey of Hobie

I found this Hobie 17 on Craigslist.  The PO had two for sale, this one and a operational Hobie 18.  I should have bought both, but I already have a Hobie 16, a 1974 Clipper Marine 26, and a Sunfish.  Another boat in the yard and my wife would, rightfully so, have a fit.  The PO was kind enough to drop it off for me to look over, but for the money, I knew there was nothing that would deter me short of a hull crushed or the frame mangled.   Even then, I would consider the project.  After giving it a once over, I decided that it was something I wanted to restore.

I still have to figure out what year this thing is, the exact model, and if I'm due to purchase any significantly expensive parts to get it functional.  That could be an issue since it's the little nit-nats that end up costing you.

Before I get too deep in this thing, there are several aspects to this project that I'm more than a bit concerned about:
1) Kick-down dagger boards.   I've never dealt with them before, so I have no idea how to service or fix them.   The control rope for one already popped off and its stuck in the down position.
2) Composite mast - its got a crush spot a few feet from the top.  I don't know if this a  deal-killer or not.
3) Trailer - It's a mess.   I'll have to rebuild much of it from scratch.
4) Control Bar and rudder connectors are wrecked and will have to be replaced.
5) Stress cracks along the top of each hull.   This may be the worst problem of them all since it implies structural issues that can not be easily resolved.
6) Tracks & cars - none of them move easily.  At least one, the ball bearings are rusted out => money
7) Block and tackle are toasted due to them being run over my an 18-wheeler some time least that is what I was told.

On the positive side, a number of items I expected to be bad are really good to include the shrouds, the trampoline, swivel locks, fabric on the wings, and mast hardware & pulleys.

With any project of this sort, first comes a survey of the various problems and issues with the boat. 

Port pontoon crushed from a tree falling on the boat

Tiller bar - beyond repair - The connector snapped some time in the past

Besides the handles, the wings are in great shape

Front Cross beam - Trampoline is in good condition
Port Pontoon, Previous owner repaired some sort of major failure. Will require it to be torn down and checked out.

Mast Base - everything looks to be there....along with a lot of algae

Not sure if these port are new or add-ons.

Hulls are highly oxidized. but have never been painted.
It's hard to see here, but there are hairline cracks along the lengths of both pontoons
Port Pontoon, unrepaired cracks around wing mount. This wing was repaired at some time in the past